Links to the next games in the story, depending on the ending:

Branching Corpses is a community made game series where you can extend the story.

This is not the start. It is advised you start from here: START

Follow the game here on itch and I will make a devlog update when the endings are extended. Which I assume will notify you?

Follow to keep up to date on the series.

Please join us on discord and help contribute to the story!


A Strange World is a "corpse" (a game in the Branching Corpses multiverse) made by DistractedMOSFET. Follow me on twitter for future corpses and other games:

The font in the game is "Romulus" made by Pix3M

The music in the game is:

Night of the Streets, made by nene

Operator Loop, made by Pant0don

A Strange World was made with Godot Engine, and the entire project can be downloaded on this page.


Download 5 MB
Download 5 MB

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